Adult lessons

We offer a large array of options for all levels and types of downhill sports. Find the private, group or mini-group package most suited to your needs

Group lessons - cours collectifs

Group lessons are your best bet for a classic and efficient way to learn the basics and improve your technique while benefitting from a group environment.

For those who enjoy sharing the fun of downhill sports in good company.

Classic Packages - Levels 1 to 3

Learn the basics and improve your skills.  

Mornings: 6 x 3 hours, Afternoons: 6 x 2 hours.

All inclusive “Beginner’s Special"

The ideal way to start out comfortably and gain confidence.

Mornings: 6 x 3 hours, Afternoons: 6 x 2 hours..

Cool Ride / Cool Style / Day Outings

Freeride through pristine environments, discover freestyle spots and much more… Numerous packages: one to six-day sessions

Private lessons tailored to your needs

A private instructor is the best way to improve your skills, but also to experience the slopes best adapted to you and to see the most beautiful spots.

Private lessons ensure that you receive individualized instruction that is tailored to your expectations. 

Private lessons by the hour

Have an instructor to yourself or take a lesson together as a family or among friends… Packages for 1-2 people and 3-5 people – 1.5 hour minimum. Six-day packages at a discounted rate.

Full-day instruction
Push yourself further and enjoy a private instructor for a whole day. A great way to take a new approach to skiing and much more…

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