In January 2021, Ski Cool is open! During your stay in the Belleville, we continue to offer a whole range of sporting activities to enjoy the calm and serenity of our peaks and to recharge your batteries. For skiers now is the time to switch from piste to ski touring and discover splitboarding for snowboarders. On the beginner area, you can also start skiing or start snowboarding. We also offer new activities not to be missed such as snowskating and powsurfing.

A ski touring or splitboard session

A secure and groomed freerando track has been maintained to allow you to discover or rediscover ski touring or splitboarding. Starting from the beginner area and climbing to the top of the Col chairlift, this route is accessible for intermediate to expert levels. Have you never done ski touring? No problem, our team of instructors will provide you with useful advice for ski touring and help you with technical support during the downhill. If you are already a seasoned skier and want to explore the Belleville ski hill and off-piste area, we can offer you off-the-beaten-track trips, in complete safety *.

* Avalanche safety equipment (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe and bag) is provided by Ski Cool.

A snowskate discovery session

This small skateboard mounted with a sliding skate is the ideal machine for hurtling down even gentle slopes and experiencing the pleasures of skiing, without chairlifts. And you don't have to be an experienced skater to try snowskating! Thanks to our instructors, you will quickly acquire the basics and be able to perform turns while controling speed. And if you come to like it very much, our instructors will be happy to show you some tricks to do with a snowskate and to give you the techniques to perform them.

A pow surf discovery session

Another anglicism for an activity that is skiing! This hybrid board between surfing and snowboarding, without attached feet, will take you down untracked slopes in powder snow with an amazing feeling of fluidity, without going very far! Fun and sensations guaranteed, come and try, you will not be disappointed.
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An initiation of skiing

you're right ! Starting skiing in January 2021 means having the beginner area just for you. The snow is often of excellent quality due to the cold temperatures that prevail at the start of winter. It’s always easier to learn to ski on soft and fresh snow. Finally, you will benefit from quality teaching skills with Ski Cool instructors. They will provide you with tips and learning to be independent skiing quickly. Of course, if you are in Val Thorens with your little ones, we offer a 1 hour private lesson to introduce them to the basics of skiing.
However, we warn you that you will have to walk back up to enjoy a new downhill. But this will quickly be forgotten once you have tasted the joys of skiing!

An introductionf of snowboarding

Skier for many years, why not take advantage of the lack of ski lifts to start snowboarding? With one of our instructors, you will begin by learning how to glide on a foot and control your speed. Very quickly, you will be able to do a series of turns with both feet attached and learn the fundamentals of this fun and addicting sport. Good supervision in a private lesson with Ski Cool and you won't want to stop!
Need rental equipment? Let us know, we will book it for you in one of our partner ski shops!

Now that you have the program, do not hesitate to consult our prices or to contact us!

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